Get data on demand for all your tracked meters.

Utility Meter

A UtilityMeter represents a meter on a Property. A UtilityMeter also belongs to a UtilityAccount.

  "id": 2509,
  "ep_object_type": "UtilityMeter",
  "property_id": 1426,
  "property_name": "Acme HQ",
  "status": "Active",
  "meter_num": "644-6484",
  "service_address": "#1 Acme Apartment 1LRC",
  "service_name": "Laundry",
  "premise_num": "441-2509",
  "association_type": "SUPPLY",
  "latest_usage_date": "2021-05-01T00:00:00.000Z",
  "deactivation_date": null,
  "energy_type": "ELECTRIC",
  "measurement_unit": "kWh",
  "demand_measurement_unit": "kW",
  "billing_frequency": "MONTHLY",
  "eligibility_start_month": "2010-09-01T00:00:00.000Z",
  "eligibility_end_month": "2021-05-01T00:00:00.000Z",
  "supply_only": true,
  "metadata": {
    "native_meter_id": 4454
  "utility_account": <UtilityAccount>,
  "created_at": "2014-07-03T17:39:13.000Z",
  "updated_at": "2022-02-09T16:52:45.000Z"


Some elements of the UtilityMeter schema warrant explanation:

Key Data Type Description
property_id Integer id of associated Property
status String Status of EnergyPrint service - Active or Inactive
association_type String SUPPLY, DISTRIBUTION, or STANDARD
latest_usage_date ISOString Meter’s latest recorded usage date
deactivation_date ISOString Date the meter stopped being serviced
energy_type String The type of energy metered (e.g. GAS, ELECTRIC)
measurement_unit String Energy measurement unit
demand_measurement_unit String Measurement unit for demand
billing_frequency String MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, or YEARLY
eligibility_start_month ISOString Earliest month with complete data
eligibility_end_month ISOString Latest month with complete data
metadata Object Metadata, editable by you
utility_account Object The associated UtilityAccount

Meter Data Endpoints

All data endpoints require Authentication.

List All Meters

GET /meters

Lists all UtilityMeter objects you can access in EnergyPrint.

Get Single Meter

GET /meters/:id

Returns a single UtilityMeter objects you can access in EnergyPrint.

Edit Meter Metadata

PUT /meters/:id

Updates a UtilityMeter’s metadata object to the request body. Returns the updated UtilityMeter.

Example Request Body

  "local_meter_id": 44822

Get Monthly Consumption Data

GET /meters/:id/monthly

Returns a meter with all its MonthlyConsumptionData

Get Meter’s Bills

GET /meters/:id/bills returns a meter with a nested array, bills, which contain the meter’s relevant UtilityBills, UtilityCharges, and UtilityUsages. Note that these relevant bills may also includes charges or usages for other meters.