The property is the core unit of your EnergyPrint data. It's here that a grouping of Utility Meters becomes a meaningful, real-world building or site.


The Property Object contains various metadata identifying your property in EnergyPrint. Requested property data will always be returned wrapped in the corresponding Property object. Properties contain an array of their associated UtilityMeters.

  "id": 1426,
  "ep_object_type": "Property",
  "name": "Acme HQ",
  "sq_ft": 32400,
  "status": "Active",
  "company_name": "AcmeCorp",
  "weather_station_alpha_id": "KCLE",
  "street1": "116 12th St NW",
  "street2": "",
  "city": "Mason City",
  "state": "IA",
  "country": "US",
  "zip_code": "50401",
  "longitude": -81.457873562614,
  "latitude": 41.3989453669362,
  "year_built": 1981,
  "construction_type": "STUCCO",
  "primary_use": "OFFICE",
  "story_type": "SINGLE",
  "cooling_energy_type": "ELECTRIC",
  "heating_energy_type": "GAS",
  "energystar_certified": false,
  "data_current_through": "2020-05-01T00:00:00.000Z",
  "metadata": {
    "native_property_id": 42069
  "utility_meters": [ <UtilityMeter>, <UtilityMeter> ],
  "created_at": "2012-10-18T19:47:56.000Z",
  "updated_at": "2020-11-02T14:53:20.000Z"


Some elements of the Property schema warrant explanation:

Key Data Type Description
status String Status of EnergyPrint service - Active or Inactive
company_name String Name of owner company
data_current_through ISOString Latest month with complete data
metadata Object Metadata, editable by you
utility_meters Array Array of associated UtilityMeters

Property Data Endpoints

All data endpoints require Authentication.

List All Properties

GET /properties

Lists all Property objects that your company can access.

Get a single Property

GET /properties/:id

Returns a single Property object with its UtilityMeters nested inside.

Get Property’s Bills

GET /properties/:id/bills returns a property with a nested array, bills, which contains the property’s raw UtilityBills, UtilityCharges, and UtilityUsages.

Get Snapshot Infos

GET /properties/:id/snapshots

Returns a property with a nested array, snapshot_data, containing the property’s SnapshotInfos.

Get Monthly Consumption Data - Property Aggregated

GET /properties/:id/monthly

Returns a property with a nested array, property_aggregated_monthly_data, containing MonthlyConsumptionData values aggregated for the whole property.

Get Monthly Consumption Data - Energy Type Aggregated

GET /properties/:id/monthly/energytype

Returns a property with a nested array, energy_type_aggregated_monthly_data, containing MonthlyConsumptionData for a property, with values aggregated by energy type.

Get Monthly Consumption Data - Per Meter

GET /properties/:id/monthly/meters

Returns a property with a nested array, monthly_meter_data, containing MonthlyConsumptionData for each of the property’s meters.

Get Property Degree Days

GET /properties/:id/degreedays

Returns a property with a nested array, degree_days, containing monthly heating and cooling degree day data from the property’s weather station.

Update Property Metadata

PUT /properties/:id

Updates a Property’s metadata object to the request body. Returns the updated Property.

Example Request Body

  "local_property_id": 44