Quick Start

Begin integrating EnergyPrint's data in your applications.


Base URL: https://live.energyprint.com/v1

This API is a work in progress.

All requests and responses are formatted in JSON. All requests for your data require authentication using a JWT in a request header, Authorization.

Quick Start Guide

EnergyPrint’s REST API makes it easy to integrate our rigorously validated data and analytics into your own applications. This Quick Start guide will show you some test data. Just use the buttons below labelled “Try It”.

Test Data

EnergyPrint provides demo endpoints that require no token to access. These will give you a sample of data for a single anonymized property.

List available properties

curl https://live.energyprint.com/v1/demo/properties

Returns a list of properties (there is only one demo property).

Get Snapshot Info

curl https://live.energyprint.com/v1/demo/properties/1426/snapshots

Returns a demo property with its SnapshotInfos

Get Monthly Consumption Data

curl https://live.energyprint.com/v1/demo/properties/1426/monthly

Returns a demo property with its MonthlyConsumptionData

Get Bills

curl https://live.energyprint.com/v1/demo/properties/1426/bills

Returns a demo property with raw UtilityBill data.

Onboarding Properties

In order to get data from EnergyPrint, you must first onboard your properties.

New Users

Create an EnergyPrint account using the My EnergyPrint Portal


Bring your questions to our Energy Solutions Team

Existing Users

Use the “Onboarding” tab in your EnergyPrint Dashboard

API onboarding is in development! ⛏